De Kale Pater

Tucked away in a funky side street, De Kale Pater is a restaurant that I have walked past many times, yet didn’t know existed.  The statue of a bald waiter does not clearly identify this venue as having a capability of feeding 130 guests within the building and in the outside garden area.  Hence, a Social Deal Coupon for a four course meal for €18.75 per person was a dining out opportunity not to be missed.


This is a grill restaurant with a Middle Ages/religious theme.  There are statues and paintings of saints – and an attempt has been made to convey the period via the lighting and the wooden tables.  For me, the environment didn’t work.

MENU: The Social Deal offer was limited to a specific menu – providing three choices in entrée, mains and dessert – with the fourth course being a bowl of bouillon soup.  The choices were limited and standard fare for dutch restaurants in this price category – so much so, that we both choose the same courses.


Smoked trout salad:  trout was delicious, salad average.  Complimentary bread rolls.


Bouillon soup with a small pieces of beef and vegetables:  Why?


Sea bass served on a bed of mixed vegetables, with accompanying bowl of chips, small bowl curried apple salad – and three bowls of various coloured sauces.  Fish and vegetables were well cooked and spiced.  Sauces came straight from the bottle.   Chips – just like IKEA.


Crème Brulee with cassis sorbet and whipped crème:  Good combination.  Crème brulee was tasty, but came obviously prepared and served from the fridge.

Wine:  the house wines are Chilean, drinkable and just under €20 per bottle.  Good selection of beers.

SERVICE:  Although the restaurant was full, the waiting staff remained friendly and professional.

Overall:  At the price of the coupon – this was an excellent deal.  Nothing special, but adequate.  Chips and bottled sauces placed the meal back in the pub/bistro category.  For a large group of people, De Kale Pater would be a good choice.



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