Woodstone Pizza – filling the gap

Located in the Raaks with neighbours, Jopen Kerk (local brewery and drinking haven), Pathe Cinema and Albert Heijn supermarket, Woodstone is part of a small chain on pizza restaurants also found in Almere and Hoofdorp.
After avoiding this restaurant for the past two years because it seemed like a shopping centre eatery (due to its location) I finally took the plunge and joined three girlfriends at Woodstone on a Wednesday evening. The restaurant was almost full, yet we managed to get a table without a reservation.


Woodstone boasts an extensive menu offering typical Italian pizza, pasta and salad dishes. In addition, the menu caters to current dietary trends. For example the Forza pizza comes topped with goji berries, avocado, chickpeas, cranberries, greek yogurt, caramelized onions, pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds.

With female restraint, we opted to share two bread-dipping boards as entrée. Fresh, varied bread bits, oil-vinegar, a greenish aioli (looked more like mayo-guacamole) and sea salt. The menu description also advertised truffle – but this seemed to be missing. Simple and fine.

For mains, we all opted for pizza. The three ladies in tighter jeans ordered calorie-arme (less cals) pizza. This reduction in calories is achieved by cutting out the centre of the pizza and filling the hole with a green salad mix. Hence my Frascati pizza topped with about six prawns, mushrooms, onions, olives and a light sprinkling of mozzarella cheese – was indeed a lighter pizza option, although not admittedly not as tasty as the real thing. Pizza base and sauce acceptable – but the overall taste of the pizza was plain and needed some spicy encouragement.

Also ordered was the Chiavari pizza – again a lighter version pizza, topped with chicken, capsicum, jalapeno peppers, mozzarella cheese constructed around a green salad. Satisfied customer.

The last member of our group ordered il Carnivore – a meat lovers pizza with pepperoni, pancetta, chicken and a mix of spicy and bbq sauces. Full-bodied and caloried pizza option. Comment: tasty but not spicy enough.

With one glass of red wine, four small bottles and one large bottle of sparkling water – the total bill came to just under €80.

Service: fast, efficient and professional.

Atmosphere: Busy, buzzing bistro, not really conducive to dining with small children.

Overall: Woodstone is a good option for a local eating venue. Menu is extensive and has something available to meet the majority of eating tastes – including gluten free, calorie-restricting and vegetarian diets. It won’t blow you away – but a meal at Woodstone will satisfy a hungry stomach.  http://www.woodstonepizza.nl/



2 thoughts on “Woodstone Pizza – filling the gap

  1. Just went there today, the service was extremely bad (only one waiter, the other one was eating lunch at a table in the restaurant) drinks order they took right away, but after 30 mins of waiting (with impatient children) I had to go find the waiter myself. oh, and ask him for coloring plates, sadly the fact that our kids were climbing up the walls didn’t make him think of that himself..

    Ten minutes after placing our order the food arrived (3 chefs working) unfortunately the pizzas were doughy and under cooked.. and no one asked us if we wanted something else to drink, even though our glasses had been empty for more than 30mins.

    Don’t think I’ll go there again ..

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