Gandhi – Haarlem’s Oldest and Tastiest Indian Restaurant

Hesitant to eat Indian food in the Netherlands following eight less than average eating experiences at various Indian restaurants in Haarlem and Amsterdam, the decision to go to Gandhi was swayed by an offer from – a three course meal for €15.
Hence, last Saturday night a table for four people at Haarlem’s oldest Indian restaurant (1986) was reserved – and we ventured in with low culinary expectations. The restaurant is ‘old-style’ with nothing fancy except the lighting. There are two floors, both tightly spaced, with the kitchen visible in the basement. Although Saturday evening, there was only one inexperienced waitress working the tables until around 9pm. She was struggling and the wait was a little too long. Later when the owner arrived, the table service improved considerably.

FOOD: As part of the voucher, all dishes on the menu were available, although king prawns and some lamb dishes cost extra.


Vegetable Samosa: spicy dense filling inside with crisp pastry outside.
Onion Bhajee: very orange colour but the taste was good.
Punjabi Fish Pakora: Soft, delicious fish pieces – spiced and fried just right.
Sadhu Mixed Starter Plate: vegetarian mix of alu paneer tikki, piaz bhajee, samosa, and bengan pakora.

Mains: came with rice and a complimentary vegetable curry. We also ordered chapati, plain naan bread and raita.

Lamb Jahlfrezi: nice blend of flavours to accompany the lamb.
Fish Vindaloo: Spicy hot – causing hiccups!
Fish Madras: Delicious, creamy curry sauce with tasty pieces of fish.
Saag Paneer: An indian classic dish – well done.

Not too many choices – basically icecream or rice pudding. Three orders of pistachio icecream and one rice pudding. Not a highlight, but a simple end to the meal.

Satisfying meal that exceeded expectations. The dishes were well spiced, cooked and the ingredients were fresh. Service improved during the night. The restaurant also offers a full drink menu. Total cost for four people: €105 (€60 Social deal vouchers for four people and the remainder for drinks/naan/tips).
Gandhi Restaurant has become my favourite Indian restaurant in Haarlem!!!



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