Appel – Simple Pleasure

Newly opened, Appel, is a café/restaurant/music-literature venue almost hidden in its perfect location along the Spaarne River in Haarlem Centrum. This lovely space has been outfitted with comfortable furniture; quirky posters and art pieces (for sale); large colourful fish lights – and an extremely welcoming kids space!!

Unfortunately occupied during our visit, we could not review the function room at the back of the building. This room is reportedly light and well-suited to both meetings and social functions.

Over a Tuesday ladies lunch, we experienced warm, friendly service. The menu contained most items found on a traditional Dutch lunch menu – but were served with more of a farm-style, organic taste and look to them. Delicious belly fillers – with two glasses of wine and one coffee came to a total of €19.

Appel is destined to be a repeat venue for me. Similarly, I suspect sociable parents with younger kids will frequent Appel due to the inclusion of the kid space, kid menu, and the added room to manoeuvre prams about.

A good addition to the growing Spaarne café + restaurant scene, with the added bonus of offering a busy program of art and cultural events to entertain during evening and weekends.

Appel logo def._0



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