Bruxelles – All good things Belgian

Last night we returned to a favourite eating spots and were surprised to find Bruxelles ( with tables to spare. The reason – sunshine in September! Hence the upstairs terrace of the restaurant was open (and full), the interior space a third occupied, and the bar totally customer-free. A delightful surprise for us.

Bruxelles restaurant sits at the top of a slanted, steep stairwell – in a narrow residential street in Haarlem Centrum. The bar is a popular place for enthusiasts of Belgian beers, and can be extremely busy on weekend evenings. Adding to reasons to be popular, Bruxelles has a daily special dish (€6) that makes draws in the locals.

Bruxelles has a sister restaurant on the beach at Zandvoort.


As per our own personal tradition, we started with a round of trappist beers as entrée. No complaints.
For a group of three we choose to share:

Ribs – Generous portion that was succulent, delicious and cooked just right. Really a surprise find for a Haarlem restaurant.
Salmon: Perfectly cooked and seasoned.
Vegetable Pie: a high pie slice (approx 10cms) filled with colourfully layered vegetables and wrapped in puff pastry. Impressive looking dish that would benefit from added spices and herbs.

All three dishes were decorated with slightly different fresh salads. A large bowl of belgian fries was accompanied by a dish of sauces (chilli, mayonnaise, ranch – not homemade).

Overall: A satisfying meal, average service, bargain price (3 belgian beers + bottle of house sauvignon blanc + 3 main meals = €69), Bruxelles never disappoints by promising something it isn’t. The restaurant and bar remain on my list of good places to eat, drink and socialise in Haarlem.

cafe bruxelles-haarlem-02


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