Bij Tholen: the hassle of being served.

About a year ago, we visited Bij Tholen and really enjoyed their three course wine pairing menu that had been offered as a Groupon deal. The food, wine and service were all of a standard that demanded a return visit.
Unfortunately our return visit was a disappointment.
Saturday night – and the restaurant was about 75% full. Two staff members were waiting tables, which for the size of this restaurant should have been sufficient for decent service. It wasn’t. It was almost an hour that we waited to place our order – which without complimentary bread, was too long.

Sea bass fillets served on a spiced couscous brickette, with honey sweetened Asian vegetables. Good combination. Fish and vegetables cooked well, although sweetness of the vegetables distracted from the fish.
Risotto with crab, peas and baby tomatoes. Generous pieces of crab in this acceptable potion of the Italian creamed rice dish.

The atmosphere in Bij Tholen is more of that of a café than a restaurant. They have an extensive wine list and the menu offers wine pairing suggestions to all the dishes. The food looks and tastes good. Main meals average about €18, and the house wine is an acceptable drop at €18.75 per bottle.
Unfortunately we will not be returning or recommending Bij Tholen after this last visit, as service was terrible and ruined the dining experience.



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