Wijn & Co – for a pleasant evening

Since my last visit to Wijn & Co http://www.wijnenko.nl/, this wine bar + restaurant has moved to the Turfmarkt and won the 2015 Wine Bar of the Year as voted by Grootspraak. Needless to say they have an impressive wine menu and on the night of our visit sommelier, Cathy, was moving between tables discussing the specifics of the selected wines.
Our choice of restaurants for the evening was based on an Iens restaurant arrangement for two three course meals for the price of one. In Dutch, “twee halen een betalen”.   salmon

Tandoori Salmon pieces served on a pappadum with leafy salad and beetroot. Beautifully presented plate. The tandoori flavour was delicate and a little overpowered by the taste of mayonnaise from the accompanying sauces.
Sea bass fillets served with grilled asparagus, cheese croquettes, paprika salsa and grilled eggplant. Perfectly cooked fish, deliciously partnered by the vegetables and salsa.
Duck: perfectly cooked duck fillet slightly let down by an absence of accompaniments.
Cheese Plate consisting of three tiny slices of cheeses differing in type and taste intensity, served with fruit bread and crackers. Aesthetically pleasing but too little cheese to appreciate the individual flavours.

Overall: The location of new Wijn &amp makes for a perfect pre- or post- dinner walk along the Spaarne River. Staff are a little remiss at times, yet generally professional and friendly in giving service. My choice of a Gruner Veltliner may not have been the experts choice to accompany the dishes I ordered, yet proved to be a delicious drop. My partner went for the wine arrangement with three different wines, that he agreed were apt choices to compliment the dishes. Our total bill came to €58.51 (one gratis three course meal + 1 wine arrangement (3 glasses of wine) + 2 glasses of prosecco + 2 glasses of Gruner Veltliner (€5.75each).   A lovely evening of wining and dining!




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