Back to Basics – should include good service.

Thursday evening and Back to Basics were so busy that they had back-to-back bookings. We were seated in between the toilet and the kitchen, after waiting for our table to be cleared of guests and then having a quartet of young, ill-mannered women make a break for the now-empty table, leaving behind the least desirable table in the restaurant, which we were then seated at. Not a good start, but someone has to get the dud table.antipasto
Okay moving on.   The restaurant interior is cozy and relaxed. The wood-fire pizza oven sits in the middle of the restaurant, oozing the lovely smell of pizza cooking. Staff were initially friendly, then inattentive and careful to avoid all eye contact with guests. Naturally this resulted in delays in ordering, delays in individual meals reaching shared tables; hassle in ordering drinks; and by the end of the evening, an total lack of enthusiasm for dessert.

Vegetarian Antipasto (€9): a beautiful display of individually crafted and delicious pieces. The stuffed pepper on a bed of polenta was very good.
Tagatielle with Mushrooms and Eggplant: the homemade pasta seemed overcooked, which gave the dish a sloppy feel – although the mushrooms were flavourful.
Pizza Carfiofi (€12.50) – simple pizza with artichokes and black olives
Pizza Pera E Pancetta (€12.95) – with pear slices, walnut pieces and rucola (rocket)
Both pizzas were acceptable – uncomplicated, with light sprinkling of toppings. We both felt that more pizza sauce was needed.
We chose an easy-drinking Pinot Grigio (€21) to accompany the meal.

pastaOverall: The service was a problem that might be solved by adding more experienced wait staff. The meal was fine, although not worthy of a return visit.



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