De Nieuwe Koningin – eat like a queen!

Nestled in an inner city backstreet , De Nieuwe Koningin ( occupies the corner space that I formally knew as a bakery. Being my third attempt to eat at the restaurant – after two previously botched reservations (one on my part), we booked a table for two on a Thursday evening.
In true Dutch style, the restaurant is “gezellig” – comfortable, softly lit, elegantly furnished, and a little squeezed together. Staff welcomed us and proved to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly througout the evening.


This restaurant offers a non-traditional menu: small dishes for all courses (€9.50), with a small selection of sides (€3.25), and six dessert choices (€8.50). Dishes are more elegant and slightly larger than Spanish tapas dishes. The number of dishes you order depends on how hungry you are. We ordered the following and left feeling satisfied.scallops

Scallops (2) served with marinated red cabbage and turmeric jus. Very gentle flavors. Scallops cooked perfectly.
Fish of the day with fennel, lentils and oven roasted cherry tomatoes. Fish had the unusual texture of a monkfish – firm but somehow squishy. Taste was delicious especially with accompanying vegetables.
Portobello Mushroom (1) filled with french brie and served with steamed spinach dressed with a balsamico dressing and pinenuts. A personal favourite up to standard!
Venison with small potatoes, cabbage + bacon, and truffle jus. A tiny treat, palatable and aesthetically satisfying.
Green beans with pine nuts (side dish)

Summary: All dishes served and the service provided were very good. With the meal we enjoyed a lovely bottle of rose (€19.50), complimentary bread rolls + butter, and tap water. Total bill= €61. Recommended!