Ohm – oh, mmm


For the last five years I have walked past Ohm – a tiny restaurant on Haarlem’s busy, restaurant strip on Langeveerstraat. During this time restaurants on this strip have come and gone, yet Ohm continues to hold its position. Ohm never seems to be busy and most people I asked have never heard of it. It was also the only place I could get a same day reservation for 7pm on Friday night.
Ohm offers a menu of both Indian and Surinamese dishes. The restaurant décor is Indian-style, including a small statue of Ganish overlooking our table. On this particular Friday night the atmosphere was relaxed, almost quiet with a total of six people dining during our 90minute visit.

We started with papadums (€1.50) and pakoras (€4.75). Staple dishes served without flourish.
Main meals were served with basmati rice.
Lamb Danshak (€14.50) – lamb pieces cooked in a lentil curry sauce. Lamb pieces were succulent. Curry sauce was mild and homely.
Palak Paneer (€11.50) – paneer blocks in a creamy spinach sauce. This dish is a personal favourite. Ohm’s version met basic expectations of this vegetarian staple.

Our total bill, including a bottle of french chardonnay, came to €46.25. The food was fine. The restaurant was comfortable. The service was friendly – although absent were the usual touches found in many Indian restaurants like warm plates and a heated tray for dishes. Cheap and cheerful eating, although not somewhere to head to for a special evening out or for a culinary adventure.