Dubronik: Old Style Croatian Cooking

Three years ago we enjoyed spending two weeks on the Croatian island of Brac. The beaches and landscapes were splendid, but the food and local wine was unremarkable. So I was a little curious to investigate what it was that local Croatian restaurant Dubrovnik http://www.dubrovnik-haarlem.nl/ possessed that resulted in reaching its 40th birthday.The restaurant is a little away from the Grote Markt and across the street from local sex-shop CocoNuts. The interior is rustic – with wooden walls and beams, red carpets, old style lighting, many faded pictures, knickknacks – and surprisingly good acoustics meaning that can talk at normal volume, and not hear to the conversations going on next to you.


Plaat Speciaal (€14.50): a barbecued meat platter consisting two raznciji(a roll of minced meat), shaslick (meat on a skewer), and a veal steak. Good serving, nicely presented, but needing some spices to liven it up.
Plaat Assortie (€17.50): the barbecued fish platter – with two large prawns, two small octopuses and a grilled trout. Delicious – but again could do with some zest.
Both dishes were served with a salad, rice, fries, and sauces.


The décor of the restaurant suggested an old style eastern European eating experience – and this was indeed the case. Nothing fancy, but good ingredients served by the two Spanish waiters with old school manners. Wine was house red or white, apparently Croatian, served by the glass or carafe. The red was an easy drinker.  Our bill for two main meals and 1litre of red wine came to €57. Recommended for anyone looking for a decent, but not decadent feed, away from the usual fare available around the Grote Markt.



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